I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the Swift edition of Beginning Xcode, when I thought it would be nice to take a break and do some blog writing instead. Specifically, I realised that Xcode doesn’t make it really clear how you go about turning a url for a Git repository, say https://github.com/MattKnott/Bokeh.git into a new project without downloading it.

It’s actually super easy to do this, and save yourself the hassle of managing the download, extracting files etc.

1. Start by choosing a Git repo that you want to work with, I’m going to use the one from my SpriteKit particle effects tutorial, https://github.com/MattKnott/Bokeh.git

2. Next, Open Xcode, and go to  Source Control > Check out





3. Enter the url of your Git repo and click Next








4. Finally, choose a location to create the project and click Check Out.

After a short while depending on the size of the project, Xcode will have your project set up, ready to go.