The past two years have been work, work, work. I changed my role in work back in the summer of 2013, at the same time I started writing Beginning Xcode, my first book. Since then my roles changed several times, and I’ve published another book. In a lot of ways it’s been great, meeting new people and getting some really positive feedback on the books, but in other ways, I still can’t help but feel I’m failing at everything. This isn’t a new feeling, but it’s something I’ve come to accept and move on.

I really missed using the blog, and have wanted to update it for a while but time is a precious commodity. Mainly, I wanted to make it easier to capture a thought on the go and share it, and it’s because of that I’ve decided to switch over to WordPress and ditch the old blog, which is still available here.

Why would anyone care? Well they shouldn’t but for me, I think it’s quite a good metaphor for the changes in my life. I’ve transitioned from a software development role into an ICT management role in a very short space of time, and as anyone who’s done the same will probably tell you, it’s really hard to let go of the development part, and you think you can do everything, but in reality you can’t and there comes a time when you need to choose what it is you’re going to do in order to concentrate on it and be good at it.

Three years ago, I would’ve said not to use off the shelf software, such as WordPress, believing it better to create a solution more tailored to the business needs, but now, I’m all over it, because I know it’s ready made and whilst it might not be perfect it does the job and it’s free.

Maybe it sounds ironic then that my only new year’s resolution is to be myself more. It’s tempting, and actually feels hard-coded, to want to fit in and to say and do the right things in front of the people you’re with but you will learn the hard way that you are always going to encounter indifference at the same time you encounter support, so just say what you feel is the true answer.

I’m hoping to produce a good number of tutorials and guides this year for all sorts of things, mostly around Xcode and iOS development. I also want to build on my Spritekit game experiments and create something complete and fun.