Star Wars Rebellion – a Game Screaming for a Remake

You could accuse me of being hopelessly nostalgic and you would be spot on. I check the progress on the Grim Fandango remake almost daily, the memories of being completely and hopelessly stuck but as the same time entranced by the magic of the games visuals and writing have created a little sentimental clot of neurones that, when poke, release some sweet sweet endorphins.

Thinking back over the years, there were many great games, many addictive games, but never has a game so inexplicable cemented me to my seat and forbid be to turn off the computer that Lucasarts’ anti-classic Star Wars Rebellion, or Supremacy over here in the UK.

By all accounts the game wasn’t particularly successful, and was critically panned, however there is a massive, loyal fan following for this game, many of those individuals echoing the same memories I have of the game, like when then unlikeliest of scenarios would happen, Chewie turns out to be force sensitive, and together he and Luke set off to capture the Emperor.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it was a turn based strategy game that allowed you to play across a dozen or so star systems as either the Empire or the Rebels. You would build bases and vast ship yards, train soldiers, spies and saboteurs, conduct hit and fade operations, testing the enemies strength or distracting from your true objective. The game mechanics, once established, were very simple, but even on the easiest difficulty it was an incredibly challenging game to play.


I’ve thought time and again of porting it to an iPad app (which would be the perfect platform to relaunch the game) for my own use, or even ripping the idea off and trying to create a non-star wars game based on the same game mechanics.

Hear me Disney, there’s money waiting for you, just churn out a HD remastered copy and I’ll leave you alone again.