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The book that started it all

When I was asked to write Beginning Xcode I initially said no. Mostly this was because of a fear of exposing myself to international criticism – I had enough trouble coping with the local kind, dealing with anxiety issues like imposter syndrome and the like without opening myself up to harsh reviews and the inevitable burning rage that meant my reply would probably be far form professional.

I thought about my decision for a couple of days and then changed my mind – decisive as always. I have a tendency to self-deprecate (after all it’s harder to be mocked for something if you’ve said it first), but I’ve still felt that for someone who wasn’t particularly academic I’ve done really well – mostly because I love what I do and that makes learning easier.

I don’t really remember where my interest in computers started, but I have early memories of my uncle having a ColecoVision back when I was 5 or 6 and that was my first introduction to computer gaming. From there I ended up getting a Spectrum and Commodore 64 (about 10 years after they came out – we were poor) and while the tapes were fun and all, I wanted to make these machines do the things I wanted them to do and for this I turned to books.


One book in particular sticks out in my mind; Sixty Programs for the ZX Spectrum. There were such variety in the applications, and there was no lengthy explanation for why you were doing something it just gave you pages of code and left you to it. My sister and I would sit for what seemed like hours typing in the code on the unforgiving rubber keyboard of the Spectrum 48k, typing feverishly to get to the point where we could press run and hope that each of the 200 or so lines were perfect; they never were.

Yes, the book is as memorable for its infuriating bugs as its brilliant code but that was all part of the charm. Back then there was no popping online to the publishers website for the errata updates, you had to figure things out for yourself – learning by necessity.

I’m writing this post because as I sit outside in the garden (making the most of the sun but struggling to read what I’m writing on the screen) I’m uploading zip files of images for the Swift 3 version of Beginning Xcode and got to reminiscing about how I got here and why. Even today – the era of digital everything, programming and development books have a huge part to play in helping the next generation of coders find their way. I hope the crippling neck pain writing these books has caused me goes on to help another person somewhere make their dreams come true.


DayZ 0.60 – A day in Chernarus

I finally caught a break and managed to get onto the swamped DayZ experimental servers to try out the new build. The new renderer is incredible, the detail on everything is amazing.






Kwik fit operate everywhere, usually less well armed
Kwik fit operate everywhere, usually less well armed
Off to camp





You can now enter the building by the masts



Montage of heck

Montage of Heck – (over)reaction

Despite being a massive Nirvana fan I’ve always tended to stay away from the various documentaries and such that have emerged in the 21 years since Kurt’s death. Recently however, I’d noticed the ‘documentary’ “Montage of Heck”; a look through Kurt’s life told in the words of the man himself and some notable friends and family and former flames.

Watching montage of heck isn’t like any other Documentary or Biopic I’ve ever seen before. Think of it as a series of interviews connected by highly stylised animated segues that illustrate one of Kurt’s home recordings. I enjoyed Montage of Heck, and even watched it again, and then that was that.

Then I read some of the reviews on IMDB. So many people came out with 1 or 2 star reviews because this was an “insult to Mr. Cobain” as one reviewer wrote. The more you read through the comments the more polarizing reviews you will see, and so many of them come with that distasteful radical fanboy vitriol where writers claim if you like this you’re not a true fan, and that with Courtney’s involvement you should know all you need to know about this piece of dumbed-down crap. Except that’s really not a valid argument with Montage of Heck.

The are so many fans out there who still vehemently deny Kurt killed himself, that he wouldn’t do that to his fans it was all Courtney’s doing etc. etc. If JFK taught us anything is that a good conspiracy theory stands the test of time. For years this was my belief too, but what changed is that I realised that whatever you decide, unless you personally have the evidence that says Courtney was involved, you’re basing your beliefs on what someone else has told you is a fact, without any way of knowing one way or the other. It’s very unlike me but I actually found some closure here and decided to move on; accept that this thing you loved is done, new things will come out from time to time, demos, live performances and bootlegs but the book is closed.

What you will get out of Montage of Heck if you don’t preoccupy yourself looking for the smoking gun is a look into what propelled Kurt to write, play and sing the way he did, and as a true fan isn’t that better?


Moving on. Ish

It’s with the cliche but nonetheless present mix of sadness and excitement that I can announce that I will be leaving the Education Department after 7 years.

On June 15th I will start a new role as Software Solutions Architect in corporate services, allowing me to work across all of the directorates. It’s not a million miles away from what I do now, but it comes with a larger team and some exciting challenges as the team is set to grow massively over the next 12 months.

I always try to look forward for the next challenge and this is it; I’ve been doing a pretty cross-cutting role for the last 12 months, and the thing I’m sure of is that software is going to play a huge part in protecting jobs and services, and I want to be in a position where I can do something about that every day.

My time in Education has shaped me in all sorts of ways, from setting up the Swansea Edunet learning platform as a developer to eventually running the show and branching out on a number of other projects. It’s been a great time for the most part, the education department really came alive with a new Chief Education Officer a couple of years ago and that transformation will go from strength to strength as the latest incumbent galvanises the team with quality leadership. I’ve been so lucky with managers through my time in education from start to finish I’ve been supported, nurtured, even defended on occasion.

The team I leave behind are in the shape of their lives, and we’ve never been in a stronger position to develop future digital services for schools in Swansea. They will continue to make a hugely positive impact for all those associated with schools in the future and I know they are going to go from strength to strength.



A Fresh Start For 2015

The past two years have been work, work, work. I changed my role in work back in the summer of 2013, at the same time I started writing Beginning Xcode, my first book. Since then my roles changed several times, and I’ve published another book. In a lot of ways it’s been great, meeting new people and getting some really positive feedback on the books, but in other ways, I still can’t help but feel I’m failing at everything. This isn’t a new feeling, but it’s something I’ve come to accept and move on.

I really missed using the blog, and have wanted to update it for a while but time is a precious commodity. Mainly, I wanted to make it easier to capture a thought on the go and share it, and it’s because of that I’ve decided to switch over to WordPress and ditch the old blog, which is still available here.

Why would anyone care? Well they shouldn’t but for me, I think it’s quite a good metaphor for the changes in my life. I’ve transitioned from a software development role into an ICT management role in a very short space of time, and as anyone who’s done the same will probably tell you, it’s really hard to let go of the development part, and you think you can do everything, but in reality you can’t and there comes a time when you need to choose what it is you’re going to do in order to concentrate on it and be good at it.

Three years ago, I would’ve said not to use off the shelf software, such as WordPress, believing it better to create a solution more tailored to the business needs, but now, I’m all over it, because I know it’s ready made and whilst it might not be perfect it does the job and it’s free.

Maybe it sounds ironic then that my only new year’s resolution is to be myself more. It’s tempting, and actually feels hard-coded, to want to fit in and to say and do the right things in front of the people you’re with but you will learn the hard way that you are always going to encounter indifference at the same time you encounter support, so just say what you feel is the true answer.

I’m hoping to produce a good number of tutorials and guides this year for all sorts of things, mostly around Xcode and iOS development. I also want to build on my Spritekit game experiments and create something complete and fun.